Trademark Woes

So remember how my dad has a cool hardwood flooring company called “Hardwood Café“? Well, that’s no more, and I’ll tell you why.

For 11 years we’ve done business under this name, watching the internet for other places that have been or are using the name, just to know what we’re up against (there’s a cool restaurant in Butler, PA, for instance). Then suddenly, out of the blue, we (by ‘we’ I mean the owner… I’m not really working there now) receive a cease and desist letter from some company we’ve never heard of, waving a trademark in our faces. They had apparently filed for the thing just before we started our business and didn’t really use it for anything right away. Then they released a line of wood flooring called “Hardwood Cafe.” And now they’re coming after us for the website.

Long story short, even though we think we have a good case legally (maybe I’ll share some details later), we’ve chosen to defer to them and change our name. So what was hardwood cafe, is now “Hardwood Floors By Thomas” (not as catchy, but we don’t think it’s violating any trademarks). Be assured that it’s still the same company and we weren’t bought out or anything… just avoiding a big court battle.

Want to help? Link to our new site:, and give a short blurb about how we’re still installing hardwood floors in Colorado Springs, still under the same ownership, and still devoted to quality.

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