Coming Soon

I’m working on putting together a glossary, to help the average person understand the terminology that flooring guys use.

If you have any suggestions or requests for something else for me to write on, just comment on this page.

2 Responses to “Coming Soon”

  1. Margie Sears Says:

    I have just had prefinished Bruce Oak Hardwood installed. The installer used “Silicone” to fill nailheads and cracks. Everywhere he used the silicone there is a spot on the floor. When I tried to remove this, it left a haze and the spots are readily seen all over the floor. What can I use to return the sheen and remove these spots. Should he have used silicone?

  2. Andrew Blue Says:

    We just had 1000 Sq ft of Elegance Engineered Pacific Mahogony Harwood installe din our home. On day two slight sliver cracking in boards found, now 40 or more boards have significant cracks some length of board with lifting of edge of crack, some two months later throughout three rooms and hallway. Installer stated he will bring manufacturerer rep after Jan 1 2012 , what can we expect? This is under warranty of manufacturerer and the warranty we have with installer. We are extremely disappointed in this purchase as we took a long time to decide on both product and installer. Looked perfect for two days only.

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