Alright, I’ve just been noticing something. Most weblog writers seem to have developed several terms that are used only in that community. For example, many writers will wish another “Happy Blogging.” Others will refer to the “Blogosphere” as if there were a whole new dimension added to our universe. Also, the word “Blog,” as far as I can tell, has become more than a noun. It is now recognized as a noun (a blog), a verb (I am blogging), and even an adverb by way of inflection (blogger, meaning “one who blogs”). I tell you, this thing has really taken off. This got me thinking… what’s next? Here are some of my ideas:

A greeting:
“Oh, goodblog, Fred, how’s the fam?”

A replacement for “yo mamma” jokes:
“Yo blog is so dirty, if it took a shower it would lose it’s tan!”

An explative:
“Holy BLOG, that’s a big cat!”
“Where in the Blogiverse are my keys?”

A generic joke:
“Why did the blog cross the road?…”

A game show:
“Who’s blog is it anyways?”

Now this one sends chills down my spine:
“Blogstaff University”

How ’bout you? What do you think “Bloggers” will be saying in a year? Have you heard any of them say something funny that I didn’t mention? Have YOU said anything funny that I haven’t mentioned? Come on, you know you’ve said some stuff that wouldn’t make sense if you said it two years ago. So let it out, have some fun.


3 Responses to “Blog-ese”

  1. Mr. Green Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere, blogobrother!

  2. sara Says:

    what the blog is a blog?

  3. Stevish Says:

    Sara, I can’t believe you just took the name of blog in vain

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