Go Ahead… Lick Your Floor

The Hardwood Cafe. serving up the floor of your dreams.

It’s official, I have a job. My dad just started up the Hardwood Cafe, and I am to be a molding specialist, with a side of installation, refinishing, sales, and professional go-fer. My first job starts on Monday, and we’ve already been doing some prep work. My dad decided that the molding prices were rediculous. so we will be making our own. Hopefully I’ll get good enough at that to head up the molding department. I have lots of ideas, but I have to see if I can make any of them a reality.

I’m really pumped about the whole thing ’cause the entire company consists of my dad, my older brother and me. This kind of job makes me even more excited to be home. I finally get to spend some more quality time with my family. It’s definitely something I’ve missed over the past two years. And hey, this is a possibility of a career without any more schooling (’cause let me tell ya, I don’t think I could handle another day of normal school). Just the idea that my brother and I could “Carry on the family business” is really great.


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