Stevish 2.1

As any of my regular visitors (both of them) can attest to, my site is in a constant state of change. I wish I would have saved the themes after every step of editing so I could show you what kind of craziness has been going on around here, but alas, I didn’t.

However, I am proud to announce a new stopping point. I have finished, zipped, and screen-shotted (Yes it’s a word ’cause I say it’s a word) the Stevish 2.1 Theme for WordPress 1.5. It’s neater, it’s IE friendlier, it’s centered-er, and now it brews coffee while you wait! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the new Stevish 2.1 Theme is equipped with the best second-rate programming on the internet. Nobody that sucks at web design can program as well as I did to create this wonderful masterpeice of hodge-podge web design, held together by the internet equivelant of duct tape. I will be working on a “Verifed” version of this theme next. But for now, I will settle for unverified.

Download the theme.

See a screen shot of the theme.

As always, my WordPress themes are open source and can be used however you want to use them, including tweaking, editing, or even selling. Once you download it, it’s yours.
UPDATE! Stevish 2.1 is now using VALID XHTML! I thought it would take much more work than it did. What does this mean? This means if you’re using a good browser that follows standards (not internet explorer), this page will look like it’s programmed properly instead of being held together by duct tape.

3 Responses to “Stevish 2.1”

  1. Paul - SteelerDirtFreak Says:

    Very nice theme! I’m giving it a try at my blog. Thanks for the excellent work.

  2. SteelerDirtFreak :: 21st Century Missional Redneck Geek » Blog Archive » Remodeling In Progress Says:

    […] to get them into sync with each other, but at least it is a start. The current default is Stevish 2.1. I happened across it over at Organic Shadows unofficial collection of WordPress 1.5 themes. I’ […]

  3. Derek Says:

    Nice look! I’m going to have to download it and look through it to see how you did that transparency effect.

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