Handicapped parking…

I just received a new IFAQ from Dusty. He asked:

Why is it that it’s illegal to park in the handicapped space, but not illegal to use the public handicapped toliet?

As complex as this question is, the answer seems to be a relatively simple one. But first you must understand a bit of history.

The word “Handicap” actually originated from a somewhat deroggatory way to refer to physically challenged individuals. It came from the phrase “Hand and Cap” which would refer to a person who sat down on a street corner, holding out their hat or hand, begging for money. Now more recently, political correctness and an overal goodwill toward those who have disabilities has swept through America. Because of this sweep, handicap parking, handicap access ramps, and handicap restrooms have been instituted.

Now I said all that because it’s important to the question at hand. Don’t ask me why… it just is. Really, I think the reason is that if all the parking spots are full except the handicap spot, you’re just gonna go somewhere else. But if you run frantically into a restroom and find all but the handicap stall full (assuming you were not legally allowed to use it)… I really don’t even wanna think about what would happen.

In short, nobody wants to stand between a desperate person and a toilet, and frankly… neither do I.

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3 Responses to “Handicapped parking…”

  1. Deviant Dusty Says:

    Here’s another question! 😛

    “Cute as a button” Is that supposed to be a compliment…? Since when are buttons cute?

  2. mithithl Says:

    I have used the handicapped bathroom lots of times, mostly because until about my early 20’s I just thought they were ‘extra spacious stalls’….who knew? once at the theater I used one and saw the wheelchair roll in just as I was about to open the door to make an exit….but I knew if she saw me walk out fine she’d be offended I’d taken her ‘reserved seating’, if you will….so when I left I just avoided all eye contact. ’twas embarassing…but at least you have a nice spot to hang your coat and really do some jumping jacks if you wanted. seriously, have you seen those things? they’re huge!

  3. H.E. Says:

    Don’t ever stop a person from using the bathroom. There will be just a big mess to handle afterward if you do.

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