From Home to Home

Well, I took a trip to my second “home” on Wednesday and Thursday. I went back to visit school (Yes, it’s only been 2-1/2 weeks, but I already miss it). All in all the trip went pretty well. I got to hang out with people again, and also discovered that I was actually missed by at least a couple people! That definitely boosted my spirits a little bit. Unfortunately, Kenny (The head cook, my boss, and one of my best friends at school) was in California for the duration of my visit. So the food wasn’t quite up to par, and I didn’t get to hang out with Kenny. Ah well, you win some and lose some I guess.

One thing I seem to have forgotten is how boring it is in LaGrange in the afternoon. That’s when everyone locks themselves in their respective rooms and study. I guess I only remember the fun times, not the boring ones.

I’m also getting excited about the Spring Banquet that’s coming up. It’s a really formal event and I’m gonna see if I can find a nice white tux for cheap. Thrft stores, here I come!

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  1. mithithl Says:

    I like grapes.

    And I like having ultimate power and being able to edit other people’s posts (Not that I do that to anyone but spammers and the occasional friend) 🙂


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