Rhythmic Symphony

I just thought I’d devote a post to one of my good friends, Justin. He just put out his first CD as Rhythmic Symphony. He plays “Synth Pop” which sounds to me kinda like techno, but it seems to have more musical value (piano, strings, vocals) than most techno I listen to. There’s not really that huge bass beat that makes your heart beat in time with the music either.

If you would like to hear what it’s like, I have a low-quality sampler that you can download and listen to. It’s just a small bit of each of the 5 songs avaliable on the CD.I’ve deleted the link, but you can go to RhytmicSymphony.com where there are free downloads. The songs are copyrighted, but I do have permission from the author to distribute this file, so it’s perfectly legal. If you listen to it, let me know what you think. Justin has a link to this site, so any comments left on this post will be read by Rythmic Symphony himself.

Alright, I’m out. Have fun.

Download the low-quality sampler file of Rythmic Symphony’s CD

Contact Rhythmic Symphony by E-mail

3 Responses to “Rhythmic Symphony”

  1. mithithl Says:

    whoah, am LOVING the music! its not like anything I’ve heard, it is kind of techno in a high-pitched hollow metallic kind of way, sounds SO cool….my 5 year old goes “c’mon mom, lets dance!” that music is pretty wicked cool, i liked it

  2. Mr. Green Says:

    I think I need a bigger sample. 🙂

  3. RSCDcameToday Says:

    I Just bought the cd today, and Mithithl is right, its unlike anything else, hard to put it in a category, best i can describe it is, Industrial-Trance-Futurepop-Rock

    If you are an industrial or “synthpop” fan buy it NOW!. 🙂

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