Some site updates…

Well, I just got done moving the poetry section from my old site to here, and remodeling it so it’s easier to update and so it fits better with the layout of So now it’s all the same content with a new layout! Who knows, there may be a new poem coming soon… it’s currently untitled and unfinished.

I also brought my old IFAQ over from my old site. I haven’t done anything to that page, so it’s still using simple, old school HTML. But the content is probably new for most of my readers. So if you haven’t seen it, you should check it out.

My old site is now officially gone. The only things left are blank pages that link to I might do an automatic redirect eventually… when I learn how. If you know how, you could let me in on the secret if you feel like it. 🙂

I also split up a couple links on my sidebar, and added a few links as well. Now the “members” actions are seperate from the “Meta” section. I’m still not even sure what that meta thing is even referring to. Maybe some of those links don’t belong there…

In the near future, I plan on putting some real work into my Stevish 2 theme and finalizing it. I would call it “Stevish” or something to that effect. Then in the distant future I plan to completely redesign it and put out a Stevish 3… but don’t wait around for it… it’ll probably be a while.

Speaking of Stevish themes, I would like to formally thank all of the people who have flooded to my site since Stevish 2.0 made it to the WordPress site. :mrgreen: had to re-allocate some bandwidth for me so that the site would stay up because of all the hits I got. The first day the theme was up, I got 4,000+ hits! So thanks, everyone… it’s been exciting.

Oh yeah, one other random update (heh) : I went to the dark side and threw in some advertisements on the bottom of my page. However, I am in partial control of what type of ads get posted there, so if anything looks offensive, :emailme: and let me know. I do my best to keep this site and all links on it as clean as possible. And feel free to check the ads out if there’s anything that intrests you… I’m trying to make this site partially self-sufficient.

Ok, I’m done. Have fun.

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  1. Mr. Green Says:

    Here is a link to a page about redirects. The .htaccess file method is the best, in my opinion. There is also a page that shows some other things the .htacces file can do. Have fun!

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