I dream of Stevish

Well, chalk up one more for the good guys! After a long day of wrestling with Internet Exploder, I was finally able to get the Stevish Dream theme for WordPress 1.5 (screen shot) working in Internet Explorer and FireFox at the same time! I tell ya, those kids need to learn how to play nice together or somebody’s getting grounded!

Anyways, this theme is basically like Stevish 2, but the colors and background have changed to a sky-blue and white mix, with a hazy white border, to offer that whimsical, dreamy feeling that makes you just wanna lie down on a grassy hill, staring at the sky, listening to “What a Day for a Daydream.” Ok, maybe it’s not THAT relaxing, but it is a lot smoother than the average website.

My next project is either throwing together one more theme before Friday, or installing a theme-switcher to show off all of my themes. The problem with the theme-switcher is that the theme I use is hacked for some of the things I have included on my website. This means that I would have to hack all the other themes, making them less adaptable to other sites. We’ll see what happens…

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  2. Das Schandmaul™ » Blog Archive » Design steht(?) Says:

    […] Design für’s Blog steht nun erstmal. Grundlage bildet das Theme Steevish Dream, das ich leicht angepasst habe . Hier ein Screenshot: […]

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