Today, Yesterday, and Beyond.

So today hasn’t been very long, but it has already proven to be a dissapointment.

Today was the day we scheduled for me to go door to door, talking to people about hardwood flooring. That sounds simple enough. So by the time I was all geared up, I was wearing a backpack full of wood and extra flyers, a clipboard with information to hand out, and two monstrous “sampler” boards with different kinds of wood. Even all that wouldn’t have been too bad if it wasn’t 25 degrees outside with snow on the ground. Happy day.

In my 45 minutes of walking around, I talked to 4 actual people, only one of whom was the homeowner. Nobody was interested, and my fingers were ready to fall off due to the cold. So I pulled out my cell phone and carefully dialed my boss’s number with numb fingers. I then casually informed him that the work conditions were less than satisfactory, and I needed to be picked up. So here I am, back at home, doing nothing.

The past few days have been far more productive. As you can see by my last few posts, I have been focusing much of my time on designing and tweaking a few Stevish Themes for a Theme Competition that’s going on. So far, I have submitted 2 of the 105 themes in the competition, so I figure I have an actual chance at winning one of the many prizes. But of course I’ve only been doing this kind of thing for a month, and some of these designers have been programming for years. So may the best theme win! Winners will be announced on Thursday, March 31st.

Well, all in all I’m missing school, missing the ensemble, missing friends, and trying to get re-acquainted with my old friends here at home. I get busy, I get bored, I hang out, I sit at my computer, and about once a day, I go to sleep. There… now you know. 🙂 Save and Quit.

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