A More Classical Stevish

I am a theme-writing maniac. Either that or I’m at home and bored a lot these days and spend my free time doing web design. Anyways, the new theme is called Stevish Got Class. I wanted something that looked neat and classy and official, so I made Stevish Got Class. This theme was probably the hardest for me, and stretched my growing knowledge of web design to a whole new level (especially trying to get it to work for IE… ugh). I’m thinking about ditching Stevish Main and making this my default theme instead. Who knows. Anyways, I’m gonna revamp the Theme Center page to incorporate the theme switcher so it’s easier for people to see what the website will look like on different browsers.

You can Download the “Stevish Got Class” Theme (for WordPress 1.5), or see what it looks like by clicking on the appropriate links.

Have fun!

12 Responses to “A More Classical Stevish”

  1. mithithl Says:

    I must say….stevish got class is extremely well done….it has this “from the desk of steve” feel to it….like i’ve walked into an office and am sitting across from steve, sitting at a cherrywood desk complete with a 6 foot hand carved indian in the corner, the aroma of a fresh cigar box in the corner….i am love love loving this new backdrop!

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  3. Mr. Green Says:

    I thought for sure I must have comented on this wonderful design, but alas, there is none.
    Maybe that was part of one of those strange dreams lately like just the other night I was trying to fly a plane knowing full well I couldn’t fly. No one else seemed to notice this, somehow, so I figured I would go ahead with the flight to Texas. I couldn’t seem to get things going, though. When I finally got off the ground, you were following me in the Nissan waving and I thought, “He’s supposed to be in the plane!” Then I realized…. I realize that I should be blogging about this, but now it’s too late. 🙁

    Great design, by the way…really…great! That comes from me the web designer. I wouldn’t mind putting it up on my site, if my obsessiveness and pride didn’t keep me from spending hours doing “original” work.

    By the way, I recently came to your blog to find the solution to a problem…. It’s not a dream! I have posted here about this theme, but where is it?

    Oh wait…I’m logged on as “Tester”. Time to C V. Bye!

  4. mascot Says:


    I love your theme, it is really beautiful. I wish I could use it for my site…. just… when I look at my site in firefox it looks great, but when I look at it with internet expolorer everything is out of place…

    Why? Is it possible to fix that (totally newbie myself and don’t have a clue how to edit anything)

  5. R Says:

    Hello , I loved this layout stevish got class and very much want to use it. But some that i feel need to change and remove. As i not familiar with editing .php file.

    So i wish in post body texts could be enlarge into font size 4 and utf-8 encoding which im sure it in.

    Then post comment please remove the autorization enter this code script coding which i felt it not an requirement when leave comment. Lastly , please add in a go back to main page link near the powered by wordpress below on top but below the line. Just liked your other theme got the main page link below.

    Could you edit it and release another version of this.


    Will be waiting for it.

  6. R Says:

    the text size font 4 is due to chinese text easy viewing. Thanks.

  7. R Says:

    sorry, please do send an email to inform me when it ready.

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  9. John Says:

    I am a bit late sending this to you, but for some time now I’ve been using a very slightly modified version of your Stevish themem on my site.

    It has been easy to work with, and always gets compliments, so I appreciate the hard work and great creativity that went into creating it.

  10. tazair Says:


    I have been doing some modifications to your Stevish 2 on my site. But I dont know how to change the colors of the transparent images. When I try to put my own png file it doesnt work in IE. Please, could you contact me. Thanks and very good job.

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  12. custom website design Says:

    Stevish U had done a great job ……..

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