Got Stock?

“Anything from small to large cap will give you diversification, thus reducing the overal risk. However, diversified, small cap investments can be even riskier than an undiversified large cap investment”

Ok, does that make any sense at all to you? Me neither. I’ve been talking to my little brother about stocks and mutual funds and IRA’s and CD’s, and it’s just a tad confusing. He just invested in a mutual fund as a retirement plan. So now he knows more about that stuff than anyone else in the family.

It seems like everytone else in the family is doing something crazy. My dad and two of my brothers have started their own buisnesses, all of which are a part of a family-owned enterprise. Talk about rediculous. That’s three businesses and an enterprise that have been started within the past 6 months! “So what are you doing, Steve?” Oh, I’m working for my dad. That just doesn’t sound as exciting as “Well, I just started a corporation, so I’ve been doing a lot of business lately…” I mean, how cool would that be? Granted, I am part owner of our corporation, but really, “I just work here.”

So, what am I gonna do? I’m gonna move to Italy, buy a storefront, and sell baseball cards, tutus, and handcrafted figurines made from high quality African hardwoods. Then, if that takes off like it should, I can move into ski equipment and patio furniture. In 10 to 15 years, I’d like to have a good enough foothold in the oil industry to supply the US with at least 40 to 50 percent of its consumption. I figure that would be a good and attainable goal to work toward for now, and I can see what I’m gonna do after that. 🙂

So, what’re you gonna do to start your business?

Have fun!

4 Responses to “Got Stock?”

  1. mithithl Says:

    here’s what i did….six years ago i joined a mentoring program, in which a child came to live with me, in which i actually live with the child for 18 years. it was volunteer; and OH WAIT she belongs to me. nevermind.

  2. mithithl Says:

    okay. i’ve read the opener to this post, like, 8 times. i still dont get it! is a small cap investment like when you buy a hat thats too small and you cant get your money back?

  3. Stevish Says:

    Apparently, a small cap investment is a mutual fund that buys stock in small businesses. This opens the door for huge gain, but also for huge loss. On the other end, a large cap mutual fund buys stock in large companies like Wal Mart or Microsoft… stuff like that. Since those companies are already huge, their stock isn’t really gonna shoot up no matter what happens. But it’s also not gonna drop very quickly either. Therefore, large cap mutual funds offer a pretty safe way to make money, but won’t yield huge profits.

    That’s what I know about the subject…

  4. Mr. Green Says:

    I think my comments are disappearing…or I’m in the Twilight Zone.

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