A bunch of stuff in my head

I’m not really sure how to describe what I’m feeling without going into detail. So for all you poor souls that actually read all the way through my posts, I present: The details…

  1. I feel excited. I just went to a college group meeting at a friend’s church and met a couple guys that share several of my interests and want to get together sometime (One to play Starcraft and one to talk about PHP). This is a good thing ’cause I’ve been looking to find people to hang out with lately. One of my best friends of all time is Roger, and he still lives in town here, but he’s working 3 jobs right now and has a girlfriend, so he rarely has a chance to get together and just hang out. So the prospect of two new buddies is definitely an exciting and positive one.
  2. I feel tired. Believe it or not, that is a feeling I experience from time to time. The problem is that I feel it at the wrong times. Like in the mornings (meaning any time before noon), it’s rare for me to not be feeling tired. But then in the afternoon and evening (even into the morning of the next day) I feel very much awake. Sometimes it can be accredited to what I’m doing and how much I enjoy it, but others, it seems to have no reason at all.
  3. I feel as though I’m still lacking. That is, in my spiritual life. This one is easily explainable: I have been putting forth very little effort to spend time with, and do things for God. This is a thing I am working on, and need a time set apart for spending with God (like right before bed). But the longer I don’t do this, the worse I feel about it, as is understandable. So this stage of my spiritual life is definitely a low. I would very much appreciate any prayer you would offer on my behalf.
  4. I feel lonely. Yes, this “Bachelor to the rapture” indeed misses the feeling that he received from his only girlfriend once upon a time. Although I still believe that the cons outweigh the pros of marriage (long story, ask me about it some time if I haven’t told you), I keep wishing for a loophole. This, I believe, will probably be solved with number 3. When I get my focus on God, and stop focusing so much on myself and my relationships with other people, many of my problems (including this one) always seem to vanish into His everpresent mercy and grace.

That’s it in a nutshell. And that’s all I care to write for the moment. I realize that it’s all kinda serious, but it’s 1:44am, and I’m just not in the mood for jokes anymore I guess. Sorry.

Have fun anyways!

4 Responses to “A bunch of stuff in my head”

  1. Kristie Says:

    I understand how you feel, at least numbers 1-3 and a little of 4 but in a very diffrent way. I just want you to know that you are indeed in my prayers

  2. mithithl Says:

    oh give me a break on #2. you’re tired? sleep more! you’re up til like 3 am talking on the phone….oh wait thats to me, okay nevermind. you’re fine. carry on. i said carry on, why are you still reading??

  3. Mr. Green Says:

    I think you need to get mithithl a blog of her own. = )

  4. Rach Says:

    I think we found a loophole, or something. I love you, Stephen, all of you

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