You might be in the business of woodworking if you come home from work, take a shower, and lose your tan. So true.

I just got back from a nice long day of sanding on a deck. I came home and looked in the mirror, and my complexion had transformed from a Stevish white to a very distinct redwood. I think I even had a grain. It was the first time I had ever seen a statue of me made out of wood. It was rediculous. I blew my nose… there was more sawdust in there than snot. How’s that for you visual thinkers? 😉

So I just had a grand idea for a new post, but I’ll throw it in here. It’s a list for any of you who are in to carpentry/woodworking.

You might be a woodworker if…

  • You come home from work, take a shower, and lose your tan.
  • You’ve ever described someone’s complexion as pine, oak, or walnut.
  • You would fall in love with a girl if she wore perfume with the scent of freshly cut oak.
  • You have ever had to sand your own blood off of a floor because you didn’t stop working to get a bandaid.
  • You could sit at the championship basketball game and ponder I wonder if that floor is red oak or stained white oak…
  • You never wear sunscreen because you’re always wearing a thick layer of sawdust.
  • You’ve ever thought seriously about going into business selling shavings from your planer as hamster bedding.
  • You’ve ever broken a miter saw because you figured you could cut a 45 degree angle with the saw at 0 degrees.

Maybe I’m obsessed, or maybe I just spend too much time doing it. There may be more to come….

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