I just got done writing that last post and now I need to to excercise some of my powers here at Stevish.com. I want to make it publicly known that I AM IN CHARGE HERE. I control very little of my life, yet here I have complete control. What I don’t like goes bye bye, and what I do like, by my grace, is allowed to remain.

I’m not sure what brought this post on, but I just wanted to prove (maybe to myself) that I still have control over something. What? What is this? A random comment on one of my old posts that has nothing to do with the post? DELETED!!!!! What another one? EDITED!!! Now nobody knows what that paerson said! In fact, they may believe that what I just wrote really came from the person who posted that comment. Oh how I do love control. It’s so rare in my life that excercising it is pure euphoria.

Another thing you usually don’t do on websites is post very controversial, or highly argued points. Well today, I can announce I think anyone who honestly believes in evolution is a nutcase! so what’re you gonna do about it? Flood my E-mail? I’ll block you. Comment on this? I can delete it if I feel like it. Face it, this is my f-king world and nobody can take it away from me. Friends can leave, people can destroy happiness, haters can rain on my sunny days, but THIS is MINE.

Did any of this offend you? Then take some time to write out why and how it offended you, and set it on fire, ’cause that’s what I’ll do if you send them to me.

It takes 42 muscles to frown, but only 6 to raise your middle finger and say ‘BITE ME!’

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