Why do all of my closest, dearest female friends have to do this to me? After we’ve been through so much. We’ve been through thick and thin, and developed a relationship that we thought we couldn’t live without. Our friendship is so strong, that romantic love pales in comparison to the bond we share as brother and sister in Christ. Then she does it… She starts dating a guy that I don’t know. Not that that’s a bad thing! But then he gets nervous about her relationship with me, and instead of taking the time-tested friend over that twitterpating new heart throb, she speaks to me less and less, letting our friendship drown, all alone, in the tempest waters of abandonment.

Chalk up another “Former Friend” of the Stevish.

It doesn’t have to work that way. I know that. I have one female friend who is dating, and one who is married. I remain very close with both of them because their “significant other” understands the difference between Christ’s love and romantic love. Boyfriends (or girlfriends for that matter) who don’t understand or realize that bond, will selfishly (or out of sheer ignorance) rob that person of yet another friend.

This is why I should… I must… it is my duty to remain a bachelor to the rapture. I will not abandon those who need me, just to satisfy a romantic longing in my heart. I don’t know how I will accomplish this, but by the strength of God I must remain. I cannot fall.

2 Responses to “Why?”

  1. Rachel Says:


  2. Stevish Says:

    *Chuckles Sheepishly*

    Well, Here’s to not abandoning my friends, regardless of the pull of the irresistable force known as Rachel

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