“Is he seriously talking to someone?”

Somehow I think that I’m the only one who reads this site anymore. Not that it’s a big deal… I save on bandwidth this way. However, I am always less motivated to write entertaining posts when I am the only one who will see them. I guess my brother reads it… and one good friend of mine in South Dakota who was offended by that “Mine” post. I can see why…

Anyways the purpose of this particular post is to… umm… maybe its to give my two readers something to do if they’re bored. Yeah, that’s it. This is for the boredom of my readers. Enjoy.

Alright, so now I can’t think of something that would be really funny for both of them. Because if you’re stuck trying to think of something funny, inside jokes are the easy way out. It’s basically just writing a punch line and trusting the audience to remember the whole story behind it. The problem is, my two alleged readers have never met and have virtually nothing in common, so inside jokes are out.

Another easy way out for funny stuff is a list. If you have some time and a little imagination, you can make up a list of anything people experience in life and make it funny. This, I must say, is also a form of inside joke. You’re pretty much just listing a bunch of punchlines, and trusting that your readers will have experienced a few of the things you’ve listed.

Something that is a little more difficult, but can offer much more laughter to a much larger audience is a story. Stories can be true or invented, but are usually best if the are true and about something you’ve experienced yourself. You can always incorporate small inside jokes that everybody’s on the inside of (like typing your password a million times before realizing caps lock is on), and that will help bring your reader that much deeper into the story. Funny stories happen not because of the content of the story, but the communication of it. Comare these stories. Same event, different words:

Story 1
Today at work, it took a really long time to do just a little work. One part of the floor was particularly anoying because I had to fill a gap that went from 13/16 of an inch to 10/16 of an inch in like 3 feet. Then that made something else be off, and everything just became more difficult. What a rotten predicament.

As opposed to:

Story 2
Alright, so I’m at work minding my own business and getting along fine. When all of a sudden I get attacked by the angle that hates everybody. This is the angle that will let you measure it and figure everything out, and then when you leave to go cut the boards it transforms into its true form: The angle that has no soul. In fact, I think it even tried to eat my soul. So now everything’s off and my brother and I end up spending hours trying to beat this thing and get everything straight and happy again. But alas, after all is said and done, the floor is permanently scarred by that simple but dangerous angle of death.

Now, you may not have laughed out loud (or even chuckled) at either of the stories, but you have to admit that the second was a little more fun to read. I’m just not one of those people that can make “funny” happen whenever I want. The harder I try, the less funny it is. But for some people out there, all they have to do is put their pen to the paper and you start laughing. You don’t even have to read it. It’s like they’re tickling you… only, uhh… not, tickling… ok, I’m gonna stop.

Alright, if anyone ever reads this, I hope you’re entertained.

Have fun.

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