Missing Stevish

Well, life goes on, but it’s sad when it goes to Michigan, not that that’s a bad place. It just that it means that life…I mean Stevish is no longer here and that means I’m stuck in some tiny bathroom with the glue on my pants mounting me as a fixture on the vinyl tile floor! I was just thinking today that it was really cool working with him. Life does go on though and Stevish goes to camp for the summer.

So, what the heck, I got another job and convinced my other brother Matt, to take my place flooring because he just quit his job. It’s like the family had a secret plan that we didn’t know that said, “Let’s get out of this stinking rut and quit jobs, buy houses, start businesses, go on vacation and get married” (well maybe that last one will have to wait for a bit).

See you soon, Stevish!

2 Responses to “Missing Stevish”

  1. Stevish Says:

    Aww… I miss you guys too.

  2. Mr. Green Says:

    I don’t know how it happened as I remember logging in as Mr. Green, but somehow this got posted as being by woodguy. I changed it because I can and I did write the post after all…I think.

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