To Stevish or not to Stevish

I found a computer at camp!!! Boy do I have a lot to tell you guys, but won’t have the time to do it ’till I get home from camp, so you have to wait. 😛

Well, here’s some stories you can look forward to:

  • The adventures of TJ Rachel and Steve
    • Long walk
    • Zippin Zippin Zippin
    • Freakin DOORS!
    • Snowshoes from hell (seriously… spawn of satan)
  • Cl ED
  • S.W.E.P.E.
  • Christine’s driving
  • The death of Larry

Alright, that’s about all I have time for. I miss people… I miss Tabitha… And I think I even miss the Hardwood cafe… maybe ;). K, bye.

Have fun!


2 Responses to “To Stevish or not to Stevish”

  1. Zach Says:

    hahahaha, i cant remember….. how many holes did you have to drill, and how many knotes did you have to tie in those snow shoes…… lol, thats funny…..

  2. Anna Says:

    Hey, Steve! I was reading your post and it brought back all these fond memories…..especially CL__ED. Justin wrote me an email the other day and told me I couldn’t date CL__ED. Personally, if he’s retiring, I think he’s a little old for me, but…..anyways….Maybe I’ll see ya around!

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