Dun dun dun……

The unthinkable has been imagined. The inconceivable has been conceived. The impossible has happened. The unbreakable… has been broken.

Yes, I speak of the fall of yet another confirmed Bachelor to the Rapture. I left home honestly believing that I could remain single for the rest of my life and be perfectly content. Then I was blindsided by a force whos will I could not contain, control, or otherwise divert. A girl named Rachel crashed into my life and took away every strand of resistance that I could muster. Somewhere between spraypainting doors, a long walk on the beach, snow shoe construction, and many other mundane activities, she penetrated my defenses and… I fell. We began a dating (aka “more than friends”, “courting”, “special friend”, however you wanna word it…) relationship sometime after Country Dairy last night (even though it seems longer than that… In fact, everything seems like it happened so long ago. Here in the Ao-Wa-Kiya bubble, one week seems like a month when looking back, but somehow, it’s never long enough. (And by the way… yes I did just write a paragraph in a parenthesis followed by an imbedded parenthesis (just for you ADD kids out there))).

I suppose I should finish with a quote from this new kid in my life: “This would be a lot more fun with more clothes on.” (No it’s not as bad as you think (except for some of you conservative kids out there, then maybe (I wonder if I should use less parenthesis…es (nah)))).

Have fun, kids.

-The Stevish

5 Responses to “Dun dun dun……”

  1. Stevish Says:

    Wow, the unimaginable…I don’t truly find it all that shocking!! What is it about this Rachel that has you so turned upsidedown?

  2. Mr. Green Says:

    Poor poor Tabitha…What should I tell her? I guess I’ll have to tell her something if she hasn’t already found out.

    I figured you would eventually crack! Welcome to the world of romantic bliss and defenselessness! 🙂

    P.S. I highly doubt that you left the above comment. Maybe it’s Tabitha trying to throw in some confusion because she’s not the only 1. Now there are 10…poor Tabitha.

  3. Justin K Says:

    I knew you would cave… itwas only a matter of time by poor friend. You can’t withstand the pheramons… even if I can’t spell it right.

  4. Byron Says:

    Isnt it amazing how GOD can work. Even when we think we know whats going on, GOD says, “close, but no cigar, they might kill you”

    hope you are still having fun, bye


  5. jma89 (John Ambrose) Says:

    So… I got bored and started reading through your site. (Web design mainly, then the Holy Bedtime Batman! post, which led to this.) Anyways, I just couldn’t help but laugh a bit when I read this, and wonder if you have reminisced at all since you proposed to Rachel.

    And yes, John did just have a semi-deep thought that he shared.

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