Anchors Away…

The S.S. Stevish has rased its anchors and set off on the return to its home port. There is a week long stop in Missouri with family on the schedule, and then back to drop anchor in Colorado Springs for a year. My departure from port Ao-Wa-Kiya, on the shores of Stony lake went much more smoothly than anticipated. I was worried that we would have trouble getting one of the anchors up… but it came up ok, with only a short snag. No tears, no pain, only expectations and excitement.

Alright, now to come down off the symbolism. I had to leave Rachel in Michigan today. I stood outside a rented PT Cruiser, with my arms around her, wishing never to have to let go. But when I did, I sill felt ok… and she seemed to be doing well also. It took some effort to finally let go of her hand as she walked back toward her car, but it was finally accomplished. After all… this is not an end but a beginning. This is the beginning of a relationship that has every necessary quality, and virtually none of the extras… like physical (or even geographical) contact. I just hope there will be enough time to communicate our feelings, thoughts, dreams, etc. She will be at school and I at work, so time may be scarce. But somehow, I am not worried. Somehow, I have never worried. I didn’t worry when I was sure she was about to say “no” to our relationship, and I don’t worry now. I know that God will accomplish what He wants between us, and through us, and that whatever He chooses to do will be exactly what should be done. That takes all the responsibility off of us, as long as we keep on making decisions based on what we know God wants us to do.

Tonight I am in a hotel room. There are 8 of us. There are 3 beds. The word mayhem comes to mind (an amazingly calm and organized mayhem compared to 10 campers in a cabin). So I’d better go before the world falls apart because apparently that’s what’s happening while I’m writing this.

His Truly

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  1. Emily Says:

    Hi Steve! It’s Emily, glad to hear for the most part all is well or parted fairly well although I am sure I’ll get this all again verbally from your other half, however, I enjoyed reading a few of your posts and when my eyes are not shutting without my permission I intend to explore your site more…it strikes as more than intriguing. Wish my time this summer could have been spent more at camp with you guys, but sounds like ya’ll had a good summer and well mine has been bittersweet with so many details, but no more nonsense for tonight. Have a good day tomorrow and hope the family reuion is all that family reuions well, are! Emily 🙂 Excuse my terribly long post I tend to get carried away. It wasn’t me twas the keyboard!!!!!

  2. Rachel Says:

    I’m compared to an anchor. I hope I’m more functional then the one on the party barge. So I have my own sections thingy on your site. That’s exciting. We had a rachel sandwich tonight at staff fellowship, but it sucked, the top peice of bread was floating in the air above the meat, who was ok with that. It was Robert and TJ on the bottom, basically, it just wasn’t the same. Alright, I guess that’s it. It’s gonna take some adjusting for me to be used to this communicating cross country thing, I’m used to you being at every meal.
    P.S. “Somebody SHOUT!”

  3. Stevish Says:

    Yes, but a particularly cute anchor

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