Life, Love and Hardwood

He carefully eyed his opponent as he skillfully drew the Bakuma from its sheath. Ordinarily, this would be an intense battle, and one he may never win, but with the Bakuma at his side, victory was iminent. His unworthy foe fell without so much as a whisper of protest.
His eyes shot to the next voctim. In a world of wood, it stood apart, not at all where it was supposed to be, and utterly opposed to going there. The warrior sheathed the Bakuma and quickly reached down to his side, drawing his hammer as if it were a six gun. He hefted it once, then dove into action. Before his opponent could muster the energy to resist, it was already wedged tight in a wai that any attempt to maim or destroy itself or the other wood was futile. The warrior had won.

Well, life at home has come down to what I could call normal, with the obvious exception of a girl in Michigan that I just can’t seem to stop thinking about. Work is exactly how I remember it: Sometimes fun, sometime frustrating, and sometimes numbing.

It’s weird coming back to the same stuff here, when my mind is still preoccupied with Rachel, whom I never knew at home. Like now I’ll be at work doing the same ol’ stuff but thinking “I should show this to Rachel.” Before I always found cool little things about how stuff feels, smells, or behaves when you do normal, menial tasks for work, but now, I just wish Rachel was there to show it to. Long story short, the difference is that now there’s someone who I want to be involved in every little portion of my life. I don’t remember ever having that before.

So I’m trying to get back into the full swing of things, but I’m killer tired and never seem to have enough sleep. I suppose it would help if I didn’t stay up late chatting with Rachel for three hours, but that’s beside the point. The point is, I never did get a vacation. It’s been go go go since I arrived at camp. Then I went to family camp. More sleep, but still no relaxing. Then home, where I jumped right back into “Stephen get up, we’re leaving for the next job in five minutes. We have to finish today because we have 4,623 more jobs to get done this month.” I mean, I’m glad business is good, but it is always a little hectic. Maybe it’ll be better once I hit the weekend.

Ok, I gotta get some shut-eye. Goodnight.

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  1. MikER, the Says:

    What is a Voctim? What kinda jobs are you writing about? Why do I keep asking questions? Perhaps we’ll never know…

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