Steve and Joy’s Summer of Love

And what a summer it was…

So I was on the phone with my friend Joy who is getting married soon to the guy she started dating this summer, and she commented that “For two people who thought they were gonna be single for the rest of their lives, we’re doin pretty good! What a Summer, Steve! Steve and Joy’s Summer of love!” At that point I decided to bring her back to reality with “Joy… do you realize what that sounds like?” Yeah, so I had to write a post with that as the title.

I suppose I promised some stories. Since I’ve already included a story from Adventures of TJ, Rachel and Steve, I suppose I should write about my drive up to Michigan. Up until that point it was my most exciting adventure of the year, and it still ranks pretty high up there.

Hmm, I’ve decided that a story of that magnitude deserves a post of its own, so I’ll just end this one right…


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