Traveling buddies.

Our adventure started from Pueblo, Colorado, where it was pretty much just Anna’s adventure. She drove her small two door up to Colorado Springs and picked up another adventurer… me. From there it was up to LaGrange, Wyoming to visit Kenny and mama Wanda, and add Christine to the group. At this point we started running into space issues… and we had one more person left to pick up. But he was only packed for a few days, so we figured we’d be alright. Off across Nebraska we went.

About halfway through Nebraska we found Justin. Now our traveling group was complete… or so we thought.

Our first unexpected travelling buddy was introduced when we picked Justin up.
“Hey, Steve. You gotta come see this,” He said enthusiastically as he bounded over to his car. When I got there, I was introduced to an unnamed stranger. Later in the trip we decided on “Sir Walter Edward Preston, Esquire.” He was pretty much the most extravagantly named turtle this side of the continental divide. The problem with S.W.E.P.E. was that we didn’t really have anything to keep him in. After all, Justin just had him running around in the back seat of his car.

Wal Mart. The answer to everything. When we went to park his car there for the weekend, we took Swepe in to look for a suitable living space for him. No doubt we were an interesting sight, all giggling and trying to act natural with a turtle in our shopping cart. We found a bucket, put the turtle inside and quickly headed for the self checkout. When we put the bucket on the sclae, the machine knew something was up, so I discreetly removed the turtle from his new home, and waited for the transaction to be finished. We finally got out of there without so much as a dirty look from the Wal Mart staff. Mission accomplished.

After that, things were a little more “Normal” (well, as normal as you can get with me, Justin, Anna and Christine in one car) until around 2am. Interesting things happen to people at 2am… I can’t remember what time it was when I started driving, but I think it was halfway through Iowa. Then I didn’t finally get replaced until we were most of the way into Michigan. During much of that time the girls were falling asleep and Justin and I were bugging out on energy drinks. This was when we met our next traveling buddy.

CL ED worked at a weigh station. We know this because the sign said “Weigh Station. CL ED”Aparrently he was retiring, and so they put his name up on the sign. We all wished him a happy retirement as we flew by the weigh station. See, CL ED wasn’t to be a traveling buddy in that he rode in our car, but that we saw evidence of him following us. See, CL ED was in the ice trading business. In Michigan, you will see signs that say “Watch for ice on bridge.” That was CL ED’s new job! He wouls sit under the bridge and wait for customers. When someone parked, he would come up and offer them some ice in exchange for a watch. We all thought it was a pretty good deal, but we simply had no time to stop and talk to CL ED. So as we drove by each of his bridges, we wished him good luck with his new business.

I wish I could accurately portray the hilarity that ensued in that car, but there are no words that describe Justin, Christine, Anna and me in one car, at 7:00 am when Justin and I had not slept yet. Fun times, fun times.

That’s all I got for now. Have fun, and remember to feed the chickens.


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  1. Emily Says:

    Sounds like a terribly fun adventure 😉 Enjoyed reading your entrys and last night while talking to you T’s laptop died so sad to have our conversation end so abruptly, however, until next time in which I hope to have a much longer conversation ~Emily 🙂

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