The day I was almost cool.

August 14th, 2005. A day that will forever be printed in the hearts of the wannabes, and burned into the eyes of the geeks. For today was the day that I, a geek from birth, was allowed to see the open door to coolness, and taste the tropical breeze that poured forth from it’s refreshing rivers of cool.

It started with a simple act of hacking with my brother (who happens to be a 1337 hAxXoR, who is teh pwn), when he kicked it way over my head. I turned and ran to get under it for a spectacular save, when I noticed it wouldn’t be coming straight down. It was headed for the roof of the canopy that we were hacking by. I quickly stopped and juked to the right. I watched as the limp, leather hack rolled slowly off the canopy, falling toward me like an angel of opportunity, descending from the heavens to bestow unto me the chance of making a save whos wonderous majesty had never been spoken of by the voices of the 1337, nor would it ever be uttered in ages to come.

My foot smoothly and instinctively extended toward the hack, and the hack toward my foot. They made contact, and the hack rose again, allowing a second chance to regain control. Again my foot reached out toward the spinning hack, and again made contact. This time, the hack slid off the side of my foot and continued downward. My heart was stricken with horror and colossial dissapointment as the hack neared the ground, with not a foot in sight.

The hack hit the rocks and dirt with a deafening thump of loss and regret. My heart sank as I came to the realization that the rarity of this opportunity was unparalleled in the world of men, and that with one misplaced kick, I had sent it back into the dark and endless pits of lost chances, and missed opportunities. This fateful day was the day that I… was almost cool.

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