Tootsie Rolls and Garbanzo beans

DISCLAIMER: Nothing in the body of this post is related in any way to Tootie Roll brand candies or garbanzo beans. Any and all references, express or implied, are inadvertent and unimportant.

So life is trudging along its merry way, and I am along for the ride… as usual. I have to say that it’s been a particularly fun ride though.

Work goes on. I have good days and bad days, good hours and bad hours. We just got done with a job, and have nothing else scheduled. My boss has something on Monday that I can do, but other than that, there’s nothing yet. But I’m not worried. People live, God provides… we need only to do what He asks of us.

I got an E-mail and a letter from my baby today… it was very exciting. And last night when I couldn’t stop thinkin about her… she called me. So overall it’s been a good week as far as that goes.

Matt and Lani came back yesterday, and our little group was finally back together again. We hung out for a while at Chipotle after picking Matt and Lani up from the airport. It was pretty fun being all there together. We’re planning our “Reunion camping trip” for Labor day weekend. Hopefully that works out well ’cause we don’t want it to wait too long or it’ll be getting cold. And I’m not big on cold.

I’m goin up to Frontier this weekend. I’m pretty pumped about seeing everyone there again. It’ll be weird with so many new freshmen running around though. Oh well… I don’t have to hang out with the freshmen 😛

Well, I suppose I’l be done now. But instead of closing the traditional way, I’ll just stop typing right in the middle of a wo

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