Compress and elevate!

So I’m working on the hole I’ve been building (finishing? Walling? whatever), and I was screwing in those metal corner peices to go around the drywall when I slipped. I sent the spinning phillips screwdriver bit halfway through my finger. Honestly it didn’t hurt like I thought it would. I stood there for a minute looking into the wound before it filled with blood. I found some torn up white meat and caught a glimpse of my bone. I think that’s what hurts now. Bones and phillips screwdriver bits were never meant to touch each other.

So with my finger wrapped in bandages I headed back to the hole to pick up the bloodstained drill and continue installing. That part’s done now and we’re mudding, but we just ran out of mud. Sounds like a good time for a lunch break followed by a run to Home Depot.

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  1. Mel...anie Says:

    Thank for the comment Steve…it’s always fun to see “5 comments” where there’s usually none. But see, the problem is that I don’t look ahead. This next year of my life will be spent waiting. Waiting to move ahead with the training. Waiting to regain my freedom. Waiting to pack my life into boxes once again and move away. So see….the problem is that I focus on the now. The mundane, claustrophobic american dream that I can’t wake up from. And it’s so hard to keep and eternal perspective when those around you don’t even know what that is.

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