I am writing this post to make note of one of the greatest inventions known to man. This is something that will be on the top of my list of cool things forever.

Today, after waking up and taking a shower… I brushed my teeth. Oh yeah. But that’s not even the best part! It was not the act of brushing, nor the toothbrush itself that made me so excited. It was the toothpaste. They have Cinnamon toothpaste!!! Seriously, for someone who doesn’t like the taste of mint, this is monumental! I slowly moved the toothbrush toward my mouth, my heart full of anticipation. When I started brushing, my mouth was filled with the glorious taste of cinnamon, and pure euphoria was all that followed.

No longer will I dread putting my toothbrush in my mouth for fear of what it will do to my face when that taste fills my mouth. From now until forever, I will be buying cinnamon toothpaste so that I, like millions of Americans, can put that toothbrush in my mouth and suddenly start feeling better. I can finally enjoy this mundane activity known as brushing. And hey, now I might even start brushing my teeth more than two or three times per month! 😉

One Response to “*GRIN*”

  1. Benson Says:

    Welcome to the fine world of flavored dentistry. Next up on our list we will try meat lasanga to tempt that ever popular Italian market.
    It is fast paced and exciting, but do try to avoid anything that says mystery flavor… you remember what happened to Jimmy…..

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