What a day, what a day. Yesterday we went to Six Flags Elitch Gardens, and therefore, it was an eventful day. Let me elaborate.

The day started with a few members of the party running late. This is not unusual. We got to Elitches and headed straight for the tower of doom. It’s probably the scariest ride, and as a result, is usually the longest wait. We decided to try the quarter trick. So I gave Robert a quarter. He balanced it on his knee, and as soon as we dropped, it started to rise slowly and shakily off his knee. He had a little trouble catching it again before we got to the bottom, but it worked out ok. He said it was a pretty big rush.

After that we hit up the mind eraser and several other rides. It was pretty much average. We ate, went on some more rides, and ate again (both lunches). It wasn’t until it started getting rainy that the craziness happened.

Jamie had wanted to go on this Tube ride that really doesn’t get you all that wet. We agreed to go on it, and kept reassuring ourselves that the twolve signs saying “You will get wet” were just refering to little splashes here and there. HAH! We got bloody soaked! Like nothing from the bellybutton down was dry. My shirt was ok, ’cause we used it to wrap the electronics in and left it on dry land. So now we’re walking around awkardly on account of our wet pants and underwear. We passed some of those wavy mirrors and ended up spending 15 to 20 minutes standing in front of them, taking pictures, laughing hysterically (all the while I was explaining to Philip the inner workings of the reflections, and why he had to take pictures from eye level to get the desired results). I never knew those things were so much fun.

After a little while of drying shorts in front of hand dryers, and some more rides, we headed out to get dinner. Now I figured we would drive… but no. Nobody wanted to pay 9 dollars to get back into the parking lot, so we walked bloody 400 miles to get to the 16th Street mall, and found a Sonic and ate there. I had a breakfast burrito combo with a vanilla Sprite. Not bad, but I should have asked for double vanilla.

We got back to the park, hit up the mind eraser twice in a row, went back to the tower of doom, then back for the mind eraser two more times. We found that that ride, although deserted, is awesome when you ride up front at night. Swikki-sweet. I did the quarter trick on the tower of doom… yep, it was a rush alright.

Maybe I should have stayed up last night and written this (even though I was exhausted) ’cause I could have sworn this was gonna be a really sweet story. Oh well, you can’t win ’em all.

Goodnight, fair world. May your troubles be short and your victories overwhelming.

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  1. Emily Says:

    Another good story although I expected nothing less when I began reading…made me laugh and may I say that it was about the only thing I had to laugh about tonight but none the less good good job on the story telling and have a good night and day in Colorado! Emily

  2. Emily Says:

    Thank you Steve. I needed that poem. It hit the nail on the head or whatever you want to call it and I needed that. I do want to learn from this and thank you for the reminders through your own words and the poem. Thank you again, Emily

  3. Lana Says:


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