Say What?

Alright, so that last post was really long and made virtually no sense. There was a reason I tried to write a serious post… really. That’s why I’m writing this one:

One of my friends from camp, named Lisa, was driving up to college with her whole family. They were going along to help her get settled, etc. She was driving. There was a wreck. The car rolled. Her mother died. Her brother was hospitalized breifly. I don’t know how she’s doing, I haven’t talked to her. I hope she’s ok… It’s a huge burden when your mother dies and you think it’s entirely your fault. I know why she feels that way… I would too, given her situation. But I wish I could talk to her. I wish I could tell her that God took her home. I wish I could convince her that nothing she could have done could have stopped God from taking her when He did. I wish I could let her know that God had a reason for this and that He knows what He’s doing. As for grieving her loss, there’s nothing that can be said. “You’ll see her in heaven” doesn’t change the fact that she has to live the rest of her life without her. “Good will come of this” doesn’t change the fact that there will be pain. I just hope she has enough shoulders to cry on, enough friends to comfort her, and enough faith that God will carry her through this.

If you read this, Lisa… I’m praying for you, but more importantly, the All Powerful God of creation is watching over you. Take comfort. “Be still and know that I am God.”

Please pray for her and her family. Her mother was the one that ran the household, and I feel that things may fall apart temporarily. If you want to let her know you’re praying, or pass along a little note of encouragement, just comment on here or E-mail it to me. I will be sure to deliver it to her.

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  1. Benson Says:

    You are a wonderful friend my dear brother, you are always there to when your friends need you. I too am often in this place (though nowhere near as wise as you allow God to make you) and I understand that it is a wearing thing to help sooth the wounds of other’s hearts. And this wound is deep, it reaches beyond the ones involved, it spreads out and touches lives that would otherwise never know one another. I am here for you if ever you need someone to talk to, someone to unload upon.

    And please pass this on to Lisa if you would…
    For I know the plans I have for you declairs the Lord. True He was speaking of their children, true those plans involved a great deal of suffering and trials, but in the end those plans gave the world Jesus Christ who saved us all from our sin and ourselves. I realize that nothing I, or anyone can say will ease the pain, but know that God is still sitting upon the throne, He is still in command and He loves you.

  2. TJ Says:

    take a guess as what that does
    yep thats a rss feed from my xanga site
    and you can change the user id to any one you please

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