What’s up, Kids?

Yeah! My Ao-Wa-Kiya blog is up and running! I have a co-moderator and plenty of users… and that number is going up steadily. And I was worried nobody would be interested in using this :).

So what is it? Oh, well it’s a blog with tons of authors instead of just one. So basically it’s a place for all us staff to keep in touch. If you’ve been staff at Ao-Wa-Kiya, feel free to come on over and register for a user. Once TJ and I figure out who you are, we will approve you, and you can start posting and commenting all you want. If you haven’t ever been staff, but you have several friends that are and kinda consider yourself in the Ao-Wa-Kiya loop, then get your friends to tell me or TJ, and we’ll approve you. If you have no affiliation at all with Ao-Wa-Kiya, then you can still come read the posts.

Well, I’m off. I have some work to do on getting the site all tweaked. Have fun, kids.

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