The Reunion

We had our reunion camping trip last weekend. It was pretty fun. I almost didn’t go, but I’m glad I did. But on a side note, spending time with three engaged/married couples is not good therapy for a long-distance relationship. There was one kid there that was single, but it was still pretty overwhelming.

I slept out under the stars again… nobody joined me this time (Kids are such wusses about that kind of thing when it’s raining at night, I don’t understand it). The stars were amazing. I missed Rachel more.

We brought more guns this time :D. We had three pistols (one of which was a 44 magnum… sweet love), two 22’s, a 30-30, and a shotgun. I shot with all of them. I discovere’d I’m not too bad a shot. But Bendigo definitely showed me up. The kid’s an excellent marksman. Us boys loaded up with weapons and went on our hunting trip, but this time we got something. And as the men, we dragged the beast back to camp, cooked it, and shared it with the girls. Granted it was only a rabbit, but we still killed, skinned, cooked and ate something… and we were very proud of that fact.

Something about those camping trips always seems to boost my ego. It might have to do with comments I overhear Jeff making behind my back like “Steve is not a man. He’s the man.” Something about that just makes me feel like I’m important. Then I remember where I am and who I am, and the pride usually dwindles to a quick, inward smile.

What did I learn on the trip? Axes are much better than hatchets, and chopping down trees with one is simply one of the most manly activities ever. I also learned that if I had been a lumberjack before chainsaws and things, I would be about 200 pounds heavier and be able to bench press the Denver airport. It was a very gruelling activity. I also learned that a 44 Magnum is a beast, and kicks like a horse.

Ok, I’m about done. Have fun, kids.

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