Everything you never knew you wanted to know about my day…

… or whatever else I decide to write about.

So the day started off early, but not as early as the two days before. We went to Divide to cut and install some baseboard. It was kind of a small job for driving all the way out there (a little over an hour in a Suburban (think of gas)), but it was probably worth it. We came home and I forgot to eat. I talked to my Rachel for a while, that was good. I’ve really begun to grow accustomed to missing her. I’m not sure what I’ll do in 7 days, 14 hours, and 23 minutes when I get to see her (sooner if she picks me up in Kalamazoo), ’cause then I won’t be able to miss her ’cause she’ll be there. But I don’t think I’ll mind… it’s a particularly good problem to have.

Then I went to Home Depot. I had only eaten two meals and had a 6 hour shift ahead of me so I decided to pack a “lunch.” Really I put a mandarine orange, a pear, and a bag of dried, cherry-flavored cranberries in a wal mart bag and decided to take it to work. Yeah, it never left the kitchen counter (until someone stole it while I was at work… dirty theives). Work wasn’t so bad. I was alone for part of it, out of my department, out of my element and pretty much out of my mind. Some lady wanted to know if her 12 volt 60 watt box was enough to power four 12 volt 20 watt lights. And she wouldn’t let me leave! I finally got out of there. Some other guy asked if I could help him load up some wood. No problem. He needed 33 pressure treated 2X6X16’s. That was dangerously close to the 36 2X4X16’s I had to buy to make those demonic snow shoes. Talk about flashbacks.

My DH (Department Head) was there today. Meaning I actually had a real supervisor, unlike my first day when I was wondering around like a lost puppy. Today I was still like a puppy, but now I had a specified master. It works much better that way.

I got off and stood by the locked front door with Jobb, my DH, waiting for someone with a key to come let us out. I checked my voicemail… “Two? I only remember one call…” The first was from Christine, that was the call I knew I got. Then the next was from Rachel, like 10 minutes ago! Quick, call her back! Too late… she’s gone into never never land. I missed her a little more, then left her a message. Then, after missing her again, the all-night manager dude showed up and we got to leave. I tried calling her again, continued to miss her, and then drove home.

When I got home, I decided to look for my bag of goodies only to discover it had been removed from its spot, and possibly ingested by a random family member. No worries, I found a pizza box on the table. YES! More than half of a room-temperature cheese pizza! I was pretty excited. I thought about waking up early so I could have some for breakfast before it all gets eaten. But then I stopped and thought “I don’t have to be anywhere ’till 1800 tomorrow… no WAY I’m gettin up before noon!

So now my story is over. Was it a good story? I can’t tell ’cause I’m about to fall asleep. Maybe I’ll go to bed now. Good idea, Steve. Goodnight world. Tomorrow is another day, and one day closer to the time I get to see my Rae of sunshine. My glimmer of hope. My… ok, I’ll spare the rest of you.


4 Responses to “Everything you never knew you wanted to know about my day…”

  1. Gwen Says:

    Hey. Just wanted to say thanks for the subscribe. Hope you enjoy. Quite the process to make a comment here, yes? Read through your xanga, looks like you’re leading quite the life. My hubby and I run a camp in Nebraska, where is yours?

  2. Emily Says:

    Yes Steve thanks for sparing us the details as romantic as they might’ve been I can only handle so much of such business 😉 Anyways I’m glad you 2 get to see eachother and I’m sure the best of times will be involved! Have a great weekend! Em

  3. Emily Says:

    Ah yes and seeing as how I forgot my initial purpose of leaving you the previous comment I leave it for you as of now: Good story!!!lol

  4. Lisa Says:

    Indeed, you do make me sick at times… 🙂 Will we get to see you when you are here?

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