Work vs R&R

“Well, if you want to, you could come in later tonight. You could just work a 5-10.”

Who wouldn’t love to hear that from their supervisor at work? I can work if I want to, but I don’t have to. These first two weeks are definitely unique. At Home Depot, you’re not put on the schedule until two weeks after you’re hired. But so you can get some hours and training in right away, they’ll “write you in” which I’ve learned doesn’t even get written down. Basically they tell you when you can come in and you do. It’s the epidomy of a flexible schedule. It’s been nice.

So for today, I’m not thinkin I’m gonna go in. Next three days are gonna be crazy work for the Harwood Cafe, and probably a couple days of work in the evenings at HD. So I’ve opted for R&R over money. Hopefully this will make the difference in my being able to live through the next three days. Then after that, I leave at 4am for a 36 hour bus ride to Michigan, during which I’ll be afraid to fall asleep on account of my having to change busses several times. They’d probably wake me up… right?

So I’ve been much less worthless at work lately. When people come up to me for help, I can usually help them! That’s been exciting, but also lucky. I’m sure many more times of mass confusion and inability to answer questions are coming…

4 days, 19 hours and 6 minutes…

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Aug, I hate that feelining of not knowing how to help people! I worked at Hobby Lobby this past Christmas, and it seemed like by the time I was starting to get the hang of where things were, Christmas was over and I had to be done! However, there was always one question I could reply to with confidence: “Where’s the restroom?” I had that one down every time!

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