Stevish smiles

Yep, I’m smiling. Why? I’m here. Where? What does it matter… She’s here. Life is good.

She’s upstairs getting ready for a wedding so I figure I’ve got some time.

The bus ride was interesting. I sat next to a guy on his way home from prison. Also some ex-gangbanger with warrants for his arrest in 3 states. You know how much evidence one undercover cop could gather in one day on a greyhound?

Someone’s singing. It’s echoing through the halls here at New Tribes Bible Institute. I miss Frontier. I hope I get an opportunity to go back. Maybe after my internship at Ao-Wa-Kiya. I love hearing people sing… especially when there’s no music or any real performance.

I get to see Amy and Terry today. They make a great couple. Amy and Terry are the people that are getting married. That’s the “reason” I came up this weekend. I did really want to go to the wedding, but Rachel being 30 minutes away definitely provided the motivation needed to buy a bus ticket and make sure it happened. And I’m so glad I’m here.

We saw the cascade falls or somthing like that. Supposedly the largest man-made waterfall in the US. It was kinda cool. It was all lit up and they were playing music. I don’t know that it’d be very much fun alone, but with her… it was pretty much the best thing ever. 🙂

Ok, I’ll probably update again after I get home. Have fun, kids.
Edit from Rachel: So it’s Tuesday, and the Stevish is somewhere between here and home on a greyhound right now, and he didn’t log out when he posted from my laptop. Lol. So here I am. People keep asking me how I am, I guess they think I’m really upset that steve left, and don’t get me wrong, I am, but most of how crappy I look is pure exhaustion, as my friend Jaleigh said “Poor rachel is tired from going to bed at curfew and getting up at the butt-crack of dawn everyday to hang out with stevey-boy.” And it’s true, that’s pretty much how the weekend went, and the lack of sleep was totally worth it. It was an amazing weekend, and even though I feel bad that he had (has) to endure the bus ride, me (and probably that guy he got to witness to last night) are really glad he came. So thanks Stephen, you’re my favorite. Oh, and after the internship you are not going to LaGrange w/o me, that’s FURTHER away from MI. I wonder if they take NTBI credits. I’m gonna stop, cuz this is supposed to be your site, not mine. (I love you)
Edit from the Stevish: The above edit is approved 🙂

2 Responses to “Stevish smiles”

  1. Benson Says:

    How is it that I know exactly how you feel? You could be in the Horse Sweat Collection Hall of Fame and because SHE was there it would be the greatest hours of your life.
    Have a wonderful time my dear brother.

  2. Christine Says:

    My freind gave me this quote and I though of you, “Duct tape is like the force. IT has a light side and a dark side. And it holds the world together.” love you tonz. Hey could you e-mail me Bensons e-mail. I miss everyone tonz. You can kill me later of useing slang on your site. he, he. love chris

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