Not that you need to know, but…

Well, I’m on my lunch break… Work is gonna total about 37 hours this week, and the work week didn’t start until Wednesday. So I don’t have a lot of free time anymore. I predict that it’s gonna be this way ’till ohh…. May. But I should be pulling in enough money to do what needs to be done, so that’s good.

My dad and I were figuring today for how much I owe him and vice-versa. Turns out my living expenses (not including gas, car repairs, or any spending at all) is 12 dollars per day. So as long as I work an average of 2 hours per day (14 hours per week), I’ll break about even. So I’m thinkin I’ll be ok. I also need to dig into my bank account and set aside some cash for taxes for everything my dad has payed me this year. I’m figuring about $500 in taxes so far.

So… Now that you’re all fully aware of my finances (apparently most people keep those a secret or something), I’m gonna go now. I gotta try to call Rae again.

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