Still Stevishing

The life of the Stevish trudges along on its merry way. Any attempts to stop it or slow it down always prove to be futile.

Work continues to own most of my life. I’m working probably 65-70 hours per week at both jobs combined. I’m hoping to cut that back a little, but until then, I can deal. It’s actually not that big of a deal. The real problems start when I get home and spend way too much time with Tabitha, or on the phone with Rachel… but the latter is inevitable.

I’m on my lunch break now, which is pretty much the most personal time I get on days that I work both jobs. We’re having pizza! It’s in the oven right now. That’s pretty exciting.

Rachel and I are doing quite well, in spite of the 1300 miles between us. I think we’re both doing a little better at living where we are, and not spending all our time wishing we were somewhere else.

I watched Minnesota Cuke last night. That was fun. I realized I was a little off on the melody of ‘Pizza Angel’, so I rectified that. Then I spent some time with God for the first time since I’ve been working both jobs like this. It was really nice. I’m thinking about starting a study in the book of Joel, or going deeper into my study on Malachi. I really like Malachi… it’s a good book.

Well, the Pizza’s ready. So long.

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  1. rachel Says:

    I love you, even when you’re in colorado…and I’m not.

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