Title? I got your title right here!

Don’t you hate how blogging works? When you have a bunch to write about, you have no time to write it, but when you have time, there’s nothing to write. If I had a laptop at work, I’d be posting two to three times per day with long stories. Anyways, on to more important nonsense:

My cousin and her family are here. That’s pretty cool. I don’t work tonight, that’s pretty cool. And I’m actually gonna hang out with people tonight… That’s really cool.

Here’s a quick story from work for all you carpenters out there. I was helping a customer who was buying materials to build a frame around a bed. It was simple, just reinforcement of an existing frame. She needed some wood cut, and so I mentioned that we couldn’t make precision cuts. She said that was fine because she had a friend who was a carpenter and that he was going to help her. Well, when we were looking for a board size that we didn’t sell, and trying to come up with a compromise I suggested “You know, I can’t do it here, but if you have that carpenter rip this board down by an inch it’ll be the size you need.” Well, she came back with “No, he can’t do that, all he has is a hand saw.” Now tell me… what good is a carpenter who has to have Home Depot employees rip wood for him? Rediculous.

Now here’s one for anyone who knows much about construction (more precisely, screws). A lady and a young man (early 20’s (her son?)) were getting stuff for a roofing project. The young man was the one who knew what was going on and the woman was pretty much clueless. I was sweeping in the area, so although they didn’t need my help, we were still in close proximity for a while so I was learning a lot about their project. Well, the conversation turned to screws as she said “What size screw should we use, does it matter?” I glanced up and she looked over at me and said “No laughing.” I chuckled. Then she said “I colored my hair this week so I’m not a dumb blonde.” Again, I chuckled, but this time I was thinking No… it just means you’re a dumb blonde incognito.

And now for a saying that sounds profound but probably means nothing:

Life is crap. Flush twice.

Have fun, kids.

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