The First Frost

Last night was amazing. And I attribute it all to our celebration of the first ever Frost Day.

A little background first. Once upon a time, there were 7 friends who wanted to hang out on a Friday night. But when the time came, two of them were too busy with eachother on a date, one was too busy with schoolwork, and another was too busy with work. The remaining three took time off of their work, school, and romantic schedules to spend time together on the day that the first frost of the winter had come. They ate together, went shopping at Wal Mart together, and had egg nog, hot chocolate, and cookies and milk together. Most of all, they spent time together and enjoyed each other’s company.

So now, on to the details. We have hereby officially declared the first Friday of every October to be set aside for the celebration of Frost day. Those who choose to celebrate it should take the afternoon and evening off from any pressing commitments and devote the day to spending time with friends. This is not a day to have extensive plans and schedules that govern what will be done with friends, but more of a loose idea. Example:


“Let’s go to Wal Mart, and then go to someone’s house and play games or something. Then if we wanna watch a movie we can do that, or we could go off and do something spontaneous.”


“At 3:00 we leave to go to the theatre to watch [insert specific movie title here], then we go straight to the Texas Road House for dinner. Then at 6:30 we need to be at this person’s house and we’ll drink our egg nog and hot chocolate. Then at 7:00 we will start the games. You four will play this game, and us four will play this one. We will switch games at 8:00 and continue playing until 9:00… etc.

The reason to do it this way is that it’s a day for relaxation, and schedules only cause more stress. It’s not a day for getting things done, but a day for relationships.

As per tradition, those who celebrate it should partake of milk and cookies, hot chocolate, and/or egg nog. Hot apple cider would also be a possible addition. None of these are requirements, but just what the founders did, and something they’ve decided would be a part of their celebration of every frost day. In fact, one of the three didn’t like egg nog, and didn’t partake.

So there you have it. Tell your friends about Frost Day, and mark it on your calendars. Then take a little time off in the afternoon and/or evening specifically to spend time together. ‘Tis a wonderful holiday.

Happy Frost Day!!!

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