Good Night

This has been a particularly good night so far. And I’m pretty sure I know why. Instead of wasting my time by doing something like sleeping, I was spending time with someone who calls me Stephen.

See… that’s my name. But after I was about 16, I started introducing myself as Steve. The result? Pretty much only my familly and really old friends call me Stephen. So there is a certain “specialness” to being called Stephen, and those who call me that are usually near and dear to my heart. So when I spend quality time with someone who calls me Stephen… there is nothing I could have done with that time to make it worth more. And tonight was that… quality time.

For those of you that call me Steve, don’t bother switching to Stephen to try to “get closer” to me. The specialness comes from a certain closeness or familiarity and not the name itself. The feeling is pretty much restricted to family, Roger, and Rachel. The rest of you can call me whatever you like. It’s not that you’re not special to me… many of you are, and I wouldn’t trade my frienship with you for anything. But there are those individuals that are simply that much closer to me.

Well, it’s really late. It’s too bad my quality time couldn’t cut into work time instead of cutting into sleep time. Oh well. Here’s to fumbling through work tomorrow.

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