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Well, I quit. Tonight was my last night at Home Depot, and I really have mixed feelings about it.

There were great things about working there. They treated me like an adult. I didn’t have to run to a manager any time I had to make a decision. I was allowed to do markdowns from my first day on the job. They included all of us in the nightly sales report so we all knew how the store was doing. All in all, I felt trusted.

But on the flip-side, Home Depot sucks more and more the higher up the ladder you go. People in positions of power don’t care about logic. They all do things a certain way just because that’s how Home depot does it. At my store, we sell only the 24 inch window well walls. Building codes here won’t allow anything smaller than 36 inches. Well, I talked to my department supervisor about the possibility of getting the 36’s in, since customers could special order them through us anyways. He basically told me it wasn’t worth the hassle. So they sell only the window well walls that are illegal to install in this county. How dumb is that?

And here’s something great. Maybe someone at Home Depot will see this and they’ll actually CHANGE something. Did you know that the only person in a store that’s allowed to do anything about shoplifters is the Loss Prevention people? Some stores don’t even have those. And to top it off, Home Depot doesn’t prosecute for petty theft. So I could walk into the store tomorrow, and walk out with a screwdriver set, and nobody could stop me (except the LP guy who will probably say “Just let him go” (‘Cause that’s what he did tonight when a guy walked out with a broom handle)). Employees can’t even IMPLY that you’re stealing something, even if they catch you in the act. All they can do is say “Can I help you with anything?”

Now, before you go do something stupid, they DO have cameras and they DO record everything that happens in the store. So if you were to steal from them (or otherwise cause them to lose money) in a way that they would wanna prosecute… they’ll have video footage and you will not win the court case. Anyways, maybe they’ll decide to actually do something about petty theft if the stumble across this post (yeah right).

Another great thing about Home Depot is how they encourage honesty (not). I was told by my DH (Department head) not to tell him if I do something I shouldn’t. If he doesn’t know, then he doesn’t have to report me. Well that’s dumb for him to tell me that and encourage me to lie. And when the VP came in to our store, we all went crazy getting everything looking nice and all of our inventory looking full. As my DH said, it only has to look full for the VP to be happy, ’cause he doesn’t have time to check how much of everything we actually have on the shelf. Deception. Corruption. Through and through. I really was not likin that so much.

Ok, it’s bed time. ‘Night everyone (or all three of you that read this).

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  1. metaphyzxx Says:

    Which Home depot was it?

  2. Stevish Says:

    Hmmm… not sure I should say…

  3. MikER, the Says:

    yes…yes…let me write this down…hmmm…I see…

  4. Justin Says:

    Sounds like the average workplace. Aint it great? It seems like more often then naught people like your DH strangely always make it into management and the people who actually care about the things that matter don’t. Oh well. It’s a fallen world. What are ya gonna do?
    Are you coming to the show on Saturday?

    – Justin

  5. robert Says:

    Policy Policy Policy,,,, The most interesting thing that happened to me while working at home depot was…

    One day I went in to shop in garden and walked over to Appliance to talk to my co workers. One had called in and another had gone to lunch. A lady desperatly wanted help and knew what she wanted and I offered to put her order of over 4000. in the computer ( HD does not pay commission so dont think it was for money ) it took me about 5 minutes max.

    Within two weeks I had been called into HR to be told since i worked off of the clock I recieved 5 points and after 40 points in a year I would be terminated.

    I never received any points after that because most people only work at home depot as a stepping stone to the next job.

  6. fred Says:

    Pretty much the same story, store to store, i’m a current employee who’s looking elsewhere. Common sense means nothing to these “managers”. I once asked if we could adjust the heat in the store, it was 82 degrees outside and the heaters were kicking on, and our store manager told me that it was controlled in Atlanta!!, How’d you like that job, sitting in atlanta watching all these gauges with all the store temperatures all day, (LOL) anyways the saddest thing was that I actually got to speak with one of the founders(whom both have since been voted off the board) and he was sick to be associated with the current company. sad a once great buisness has been run into the ground.

  7. homer Says:

    Yeah!, I read the article. Also, when the lp guy goes after the thief, Home Depot might just fire him because he followed the guy into the parking lot. Trust me, I know!!

  8. depo asso Says:

    nothing will ever change. . . sad 🙁

  9. Kevin Says:

    Say what you will its a job and you get paid either way..

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