All things considered…

Well, yesterday was bittersweet… except with a little more bitter than sweet. It was great up until about 10:45am, when I let go of Rae’s hand as she headed beyond where I was allowed to go… the security checkpoint. I miss the days of being allowed down to the gate to see off a friend, or greet a returning family member. Oh well, I can deal.

So my weekend with my Sunshine was nothing short of amazing. The only drawback, of course, was the lack of time. We had less than 72 hours together, and that includes sleeping time (which was not spent together… you people have dirty minds). But all in all, it was worth the 500-dollar-cause-it-was-last-minute ticket, and all the crap I went through with cheaptickets. I kinda like being spontaneous (Even if it does mean that I have about 37 cents of spending money in my budget for the next three months).

And now… I’m back to the normal stuff. Back to working at the :hardwoodcafe:, back to having a three day job that’s gonna take us a week, back to coming home with more sawdust on me than skin, and back to talking to Rachel long-distance. *sigh* Here’s to normality. May it never consume my life.

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  1. Byron Says:

    i agree with you that no matter how much people may strive for it……. I pray all the time that I never live a normal life. I have become so used to a crazy life that normality has changed. There will never be a computer for me that says, “normality at 100%.” (hitchhikers guide to the galaxy) If that day ever comes though, i pray for my family, becouse I will kneel down, and die, for that will be the last straw of my strange exsistance on this earth.


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