Extreme Flooring Acrobatics (EFA)

Extreme Flooring Acrobatics. An interesting activity, to say the least. Its usefulness, however, is not to be belittled. Allow me to elaborate.

EFA most often begins with a mistake. Someone locks themselves out of an entrance that is now inaccessible from any other area in the house; someone forgets their car keys on a counter top that is now surrounded by freshly finished floor; or someone forgot to turn off a light. In these cases, it is very helpful to have someone around who is EFA certified.

Some feats are easier than others. In one case, I had to climb along the edge of a sliding glass door, jump up to reach a ledge of a window above the door, slide myself over, and drop down onto a mantel to retrieve a pair of glasses. Other instances can be solved by simply having a co-worker anchor himself against a wall (or your foot), hold on to you and act as a counter-balance as you reach out to fill in a missed spot or pick something out of the finish.

Whatever your situation, EFA certified individuals can make the unfathomable possible, the inconceivable a reality. EFA certification is a must for flooring buiseness of all sizes and expertises. Contact your local EFA official for more information and training.

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