Chat and score!

So, I was adding ads to my site (In the sidebar… check them out to support this site), and I found one that was kind of intriguing. It said something along the lines of “Chat and earn.” So obviously, I had to check it out. It’s called

Apparently, it’s a web-based chat program (much like AOL IM or MSN Messenger, but without having to download anything) that actually pays out dividends of its advertisement earnings to its users. Translation: You get money for chatting. I’m really not sure how much money, since it’s all based on percentages. Every time you send a message, you earn a credit. At the end of the month, the money is split up between users according to how many credits they earned.

So I figured, “What the heck.” And I signed up. It’s a really easy registreation process and only asks for a username, password and E-mail address. They promise not to use your E-mail address for anything bad, but if you don’t trust them, just give them your spam address. It’s really only used when you lose your password.

Anyways, I think you should all sign up so you can Chat with the Stevish. My username is (are you ready?) Stevish. I hope to find many of you chatting and earning a cut of my money soon 🙂

Have fun.

Edit: So, upon further investigation and actually using this service (by chatting with myself) I discovered a couple things:

  1. All their ads point to themselves, meaning they’re not making any money to share with me
  2. If they did have money to give me, they have no way of knowing who I am or how to send it to me.

But in spite of all this, I think I’m gonna stick it out for a month or two and see what happens anyways. Maybe Rae and I can rack up a million credits and cash them in later for “coolness” points. And those are the best kind of points!

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