Thanksgiving: The Aftermath

So thanksgiving went pretty well. It was fun hanging out with family. But some of that family brought a bug. A flu of some sort. This made Saturday all kinds of fun, since the only person that wasn’t sick and throw-up-ish was my dad who had caught the bug earlier than we had and was already over it.

In short, Saturday was long. I tried playing Lords of the Realm II, but that got old once I beat it. I also messed around with pi some more, but that got old too. I probably spent most of the day doing absolutely nothing. All in all, it wasn’t a very exciting day.

And now it’s Sunday. I’m considering actually leaving my house today, since I feel quite well, all except for a peircing headache that I get whenever I stand up. No matter… today is a day to go out into the world and get something done. What I get done is not important. Just as long as something is done.

Ok, here I go…

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  1. caleb Says:

    hey whats up???

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