10 Billion anyone?

So, I finally got pi recalculated to the 1 billionth digit. And it’s in a compressed format so I can output it in several different ways. It’s really nice. I now have a file that’s just the raw digits of pi (3.141…) up to the billionth digit. Oh, I almost forgot, the program I’m using is PiFast 43, and it rocks my socks off.

Also, as promised, I have a page that displays Pi to the 10,000th digit. Check it out if you care. And if you don’t care… don’t worry, you’re in the majority.

I’m not sick anymore. That’s a bonus. And just in time for work! Speaking of which, I feel a post about work coming on…

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  1. Nikola Says:

    Hey, I see you are quite intrigued with PI. I was juts wondering about a book that my math teacher (maybe some 10 years ago) mentioned. It contained the digits of Pi. It has nothing else but the number itself. I tried to find it online, but I had no luck. I think it would be a neat , small present for a math student :-). If you know anything about it, can you please send me an email (sole13@yahoo.com) with a link or at least with a book name.
    Thanks in advance.

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