My questions about how works have been answered! They actually DO pay. I had only 40 credits and got 2 cents! But seriously, if you use it a lot I can see someone making 2 to 5 dollars per month, or maybe more. It’s definitely worth it for sittin on you butt doing nothing.

They pay via paypal, so all you need is a paypal account and you’re set. Then all you have to give them is that E-mail address. The worst possible scenario is spam, and I haven’t gotten any of that yet. They simply don’t have enough information about you to screw you. It’s great!

Anyways, I think you should all Check it out. Go through this link because then I’ll get bonuses for refering you. So go ahead, share the love, and let share some money love with you.

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  1. caleb Says:

    hey um there were other guys that commented, just not allot….. not very many guys leave comments or are on xanga…..but ya good to hear from you!!

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