Don’t you hate that?

Cereal. You groggily grab a box of cereal and fill up your bowl. You look back in the box and there’s too much in there to throw it away, but not enough for a whole bowl. So you put it back in the cupboard. Several days later, you’ve done this two more times.

That was my predicament today. I woke up after a nap and went up for cereal. Now, normally, I just ignore the ones that are almost empty and someone else ends up eating them. Not today. I openned up the cupboard to find three boxes of cereal with about 1/3 of a bowl’s worth in them.

Now, as we all know, mixing is out of the question. Seriously, Captain Crunch does not go with S’mores and Frosted flakes. And my usual plan of ignoring them didn’t work either, ’cause all that was left was grape nuts and all bran, and that’s just not worth it. So I ended up pouring cereal and milk 3 times for one bowls worth! I mean, since when was breakfast so much work! Next thing you know, they’ll tell me that someone has to actually use a cow or something to get the milk! *Sigh* what ever happened to being lazy and well-fed at the same time?

2 Responses to “Don’t you hate that?”

  1. Justin Says:

    YES! This is the worst.

  2. John Ambrose Says:

    S’Mores and Captin Crunch do to go together. lol 🙂 (It’s me. i got bored.)

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