The Day After Goodbye

It started on December 7th, at 9:10am, as he kissed his fingers and placed them affectionately on the glass that separated him from her. Then she was gone.

He walked around in the airport, staring hopefully at the “Departures” screen. On Time. The flight was not delayed, and she really got on it, and she really left. “I’ll see you in March,” she had said. It seemed so far away.

He ran briskly to his car, trying to stay warm. Unlock… Get in… Start the Engine… Ooh, still warm!

The drive back home seemed short. Why wouldn’t it be? After all, he had nothing to look forward to but work. Maybe he should have tried to get more sleep last night.

Upon arrival at home, he read neglected updates from friends and family, then took a short but needed nap… which turned out to be much less than hoped for: 15 minutes.

He forced himself out of bed for the all too familiar routine of going to work. Had a little cereal trouble this time, but he came out of it alright. At work he was asked how it went.

How did it go?! he thought, My girlfriend was here… from Michigan! And she was HERE, with me! Did I mention she lives in Michigan? It was pretty much the best 20 hours of this month! “It went well.”
“How are you doing now?”
The nerve… I’m a wreck. All I want is to be with her, and not have to say goodbye like this anymore… “I’m doin’ alright.”

Home again, sleep again… A dreamless night, as usual. It’s amazing how much she’s in his mind when he’s awake, compared with how little he dreams of her.

He wakes up again, 23 hours after she left, and proceeds to drag himself to work. The real world is back, and his vacation is over. It’s time to earn his keep, and be normal again… By Grace… alone.

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